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R.i.CO. was founded in 1978, it has an area of 16.400 sqm, 6.800 sqm of which are covered, staff of 120 people.
R.i.CO. is located in a well-served industrial zone in the center of Italy, close to the highway, airport and harbor of Ancona. 12% ot the operating force is 100% working in R&D, not only for a continuous research and development of new technologies but also for design construction of special machines and equipment for the own production process.
This allow designing and engineering whit great flexibility and several technologies of OEM devices for whatever application.
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R.i.C.O. srl - Codesign, Industralization & production of electronic, Mechanic and Mechatronic system - P. IVA: IT 00442970422
Via Adriatica, 17 - 60022 Castelfidardo (AN) Italy - Tel. +39 071 721981 - Fax +39 071 781326 - info@ricoitaly.com
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