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The technique consist in the ability to connect a silicon die directly to the surface of the PCB through the point to point connection of each silicon pad of the die to the corresponding pad of the PCB by means of a small diameter aluminium wire.
After the wire connection has been completed, the final assembly of the die is assured by a hard resin cover (Glob Top) that makes the chip die ready to withstand mechanical stress as much as any other SMT component. The main purpose of the Chip on Board technique is to gain a price reduction on the component, by
saving the cost of the SMT package: for large volumes the average cost benefit is estimated in the
15-20% of the cost of the corresponding SMT packaged component.
R.i.co. srl - Bonding
R.i.co. srl - Bonding2 R.I.CO. has today a wire bonding department composed of :
• no. 12 automatic wedge bonding machines (Kulick & Soffa and ASM) – totally 120.000 bondings per hour
• no. 3 automatic die attach machines (SAMSUNG and ASM) for dies picking from blue foil or from waffle pack
• no. 3 automatic resin dispensers for GLOB TOP (pressure driven or volumetric driven)
All bonding machines are provided with WEDGE bonding tools, suitable for bonding wires (Al-Si or gold) diameters up to 50 μm.
Different size, shape and layout of chip dies result in different bonding programs on the bonding machines.
After the bonding is completed, a functional test is executed on the assembly (chip die + PCB) so gaining the result of the tested performance of the component after the assembly on the board.
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